We help organisations harness their How
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We are a group of storytellers, communicators, opinion shapers, thinkers and makers.

We’re obsessed with uncovering the How in every business.

Everyday we help organisations harness their How.

How to earn influence and drive growth.

How to sell the big picture and the small details.

How to turn prospects into customers.

How to move the masses, and build the future.

We know How.

We are Howorth.

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How we do it

Too many stories fail to reach their potential because they don’t focus on customers and aren’t linked to business goals. It’s harder than ever to reach the right people. Howorth specialises in engaging senior executives, business decision-makers and enterprise technology buyers using an integrated model. We call it StorySelling.
What is StorySelling?
StorySelling is about getting maximum business value from the stories you tell.
Aligning communications, marketing, and sales activities to maximise impact
Measuring outcomes against quantifiable sales metrics like qualified leads and sales
Delivering personalised communications to decision makers and influencers
Reaching and impacting target audiences even when there’s no hard news
How it works

We deconstruct your brief and extract what really matters, deeply understanding the audiences and what motivates them

We offer a range of services across earned influence, social engagement, content and performance marketing that are tailored to your business, marketing and communication objectives. This includes everything from thought leadership and sales enablement to digital strategy and crisis management. It’s a model that flexes and scales to meet your needs, keeping your audience at the heart of every interaction.

Who we are

Jacquie Potter

Managing Director

Marie-Claire Maple

Managing Partner

Nino Tesoriero

Managing Partner

Brian Corrigan

Content and Editorial Director

Jessica Smart


Emma Bridgeman

Associate Director

Paul Thompson

Associate Director

David Radestock

Associate Director

Bridget Jung

Chief Creative & Strategy Officer

John Harding-Easson

Head of Social



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