Sound bites from Toshiba

Case Studies

sound bites from toshiba

Toshiba had developed its first range of portable Bluetooth speakers and was keen to launch them into the market but didn’t want to just issue a media release. The company wanted an option that would provide cut-through, was quick to execute and was cost effective given the affordability of the speakers.


Inspired by the form factor of the speaker – which was “Burger” (meaning that it was a small, dome like speaker, not unlike a small burger) the Howorth team came up with the concept of sending out a media teaser to accompany the release that played off the style and design of this device. Together with Toshiba, the team sourced plain ‘burger’ containers and designed wrapping and branding to encase and accompany the speakers. Additionally, a partnership was negotiated with Grill’d Burgers, who supplied a $50 voucher with each speaker so that media could also get lunch. The Toshiba Burgers were package up and couriered out to tier 1 media across the country.


Over 20 pieces of media coverage in major metros, online tech sites, travel magazines and consumer titles was achieved, with media citing:  “The Toshiba speaker mail out was one of the best we’ve received all year. It was really cool way to get our attention and to make us remember the product”- Luke Hopewell, Gizmodo