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Motivating Millennials – managing tomorrow’s workforce, today 
The challenge

Kronos is a global company specialising in workforce management software. Despite being an industry leader, its brand profile and awareness in Australia was very low due in part to the ‘dry’ nature of the sector it plays within. The company, its spokespeople and its products are not easy to get coverage for, and locally the company is very sales focused with limited marketing support.

We made the strategic decision to group the annual fee in order to create a thought leadership campaign that would provide sustained high-level coverage across the year. This activity would need to raise the profile of the Kronos brand and provide on-going reactive and proactive content for media opportunities.

The insight

Desktop research revealed that Australian businesses are grappling with how to manage a Millennial workforce, with this audience difficult to retain. Although research had been done in the past to ascertain the loyalty of Millennials in the workplace, no study had yet sought to understand the reasons behind their lack of workplace loyalty. Our research revealed Australian businesses were flying blind, trying to navigate this group with no insights into how to motivate this generation and harness their capabilities. Our hypothesis was that businesses were forcing Millennials to adapt to their ways of working and were left to wonder why old methods weren’t resonating and retaining this talent.

The approach

The initial hypothesis was tested in a quantitative 100 person pilot survey conducted by Galaxy Research. Taking these learnings and refinements, a full scale quantitative research was then launched among 600 Australian workers (over sampling Millennials). The questionnaire explored their employment history, habits and perspectives that could lead to thought-provoking coverage angles.

The research found that this group is still greatly misunderstood and Australian businesses need to rethink their strategy to motivate and retain Millennials.

We took a strategic approach to execution developing a tailored media plan aligned to each of Kronos’ key target audiences.  Under embargo, a series of pre-briefings were secured securing blanket coverage upon launch.  We coordinated three Millennial and business case studies to support our narrative, add weight to the news and provide a third-party perspective on the issue. We also created an infographic which visually illustrated the 12 things managers needed to know about managing Millennials.

The results

The campaign was a huge success, generating a number of quantifiable business benefits, including an influx in customer leads and new traffic to its website. Against a business objective of 8 new net opportunities, 379 leads were generated, of which 25 were fully qualified resulting in 14 won. All KPIs were all exceeded with the research extending its voice to key business decision-makers as well as a younger demographic.


We Generated

Pieces of Media coverage
report downloads exceeding our target of 40
radio stations picked up pre recorded audio grabs
Social Clicks and 229 Likes