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Launching Ancestry DNA
The challenge

To launch AncestryDNA, the first home genealogical DNA testing kit in Australia and generate coverage to help meet sales targets we faced three big challenges:

  • Normalisation – communicating to the Australian public that it is ‘normal’ to take a DNA test.
  • Socialisation – explaining to a broad audience what DNA testing is and how it can be used to help uncover your identity and where you come from.
  • A lack of accessible local media angles – pre-launch, there were no local users to profile
The approach

We targeted three different groups:

  1. Existing Ancestry members – communicated how members can benefit from their Ancestry subscription when taking the AncestryDNA test.
  1. Australian consumers – with the rise of topics such as data security and privacy, the launch of AncestryDNA needed to ensure that the experience of buying a home DNA test was normalised.
  1. Australian Media – We pitched the DNA tests to tier one media targets, with Ancestry processing their kits under embargo prior to the product launch.

We organised a series of pre-briefings during the same pre-launch period with Ancestry’s Commercial Development Director, Brad Argent, to ensure each reporter understood their DNA results and the information it uncovered about them.

The results

PR was the key communication channel, supported only by eDMs to existing Ancestry members. The launch of AncestryDNA was positively received by the media, generating over 230 pieces of coverage across all media, with momentum continuing in the two weeks that followed launch. This helped deliver an overall 77.5 million impressions (258% of target).

“The successful launch of AncestryDNA in Australia was a result of the skillful integration of many parts – commerce, marketing and product – but the biggest impact was PR.”

– Brad Argent, Ancestry Content Director Ancestry


We Generated

Pieces of Media coverage
MILLION impressions