Atlassian x AFLW

Case Studies


While Atlassian is a big brand in the corporate and tech space, awareness is low amongst consumers and consumer media segments. We needed to drive awareness of the brand, highlighting Atlassian’songoing commitment to teamwork,diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In order to do this, we partnered with an iconic brand which had overcome it’s own diversity and inclusion challenges – the AFL Women’s League.


We know that working and participating in teams builds a number of skills. To create relevance and insert Atlassian into the conversation, we commissioned research examining the link between team participation and career success.

‘The Imagination Gap’ report found while 95% of Australians believe that childhood involvement in team sport led to the development of key skills for leadership, higher dropout rates for girls and women creates an ‘imagination gap’ where they aren’t able to imagine themselves succeeding or leading.The report revealed a need for more female role models to increase the presence of women in typically male dominated areas like tech and sport.


Timed to hit in the build up to International Women’s Day 2018, a multi-faceted media strategy was executed. Firstly, embargoed interviews with Atlassian Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Aubrey Blanche, were secured with key radio, print and online outlets. Meanwhile, soundbites were pre-recorded with Aubrey Blanche and distributed via Radio Release. At launch, the research was distributed widely across online news, business, tech, leadership, sport, women and lifestyle titles. To support the campaign, an emotive video featuring womenfrom both the tech and sport talking about how they overcame the imagination gap in their respective field, was created and shared across Atlassian and AFLs social media channels. We also produced a whitepaper with deeper analysis of the issue.


The partnership between Atlassian and the AFL Women’s League achieved more than 375 pieces of earned media coverage, including coverage in top-tierpublications, The Australian, The Herald Sun and key lifestyle outlets including WHIMN and Vogue, with a combined reach of 32.6 million.


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