Great stories + Right Audience
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Howorth is a specialist business and technology communications consultancy. Our integrated model is designed to deliver the business outcomes you’re focused on.

We love to tell great stories and help clients find the right audience. It’s a simple but effective concept built around making people think differently, feel something and take action. We call it thinking that moves.
  • How do you increase brand awareness and create more sales opportunities?
  • How do you convert more of those opportunities into sales?
  • How do you reduce customer churn and increase spend among existing customers?

An Integrated Communications Model


We do our best work when clients embrace an integrated model. We make it easy to pick and choose services that suit your business needs. More than that, we tailor recommendations based on the broad range of talent we have at our disposal.


We start by understanding your business goals, clearly identifying the target audience, working out how we’ll reach them and who they’re influenced by. We’ll discuss your stakeholders and spokespeople, decide on story themes, define what success looks like and propose a budget. We can train your executives for media interviews, carry out audits of existing content and develop customer reference or leadership insight programs.


Once the strategy has been agreed, we’ll decide which assets need to be created. Then we’ll clearly communicate how these work together to support your business goals. We’ll share editorial production and social distribution calendars, which you can access at any time to check on progress. The content will continue to find new audiences long after we’ve moved on to the next project.


This stage has many owned, earned and paid elements. We’ll publish content on your website and social channels, pitch stories to relevant journos and other influencers, and pay to get your stories in front of clearly defined targets. After the initial buzz, we’ll continue to find new audiences in the weeks and months ahead, managing ongoing promotion through social.

Measuring success is a combination of PR, social and content metrics tailored to business outcomes agreed during initial strategy sessions. For brand awareness, we might focus on total views and share of voice. For lead generation, conversions and return visitor rates. For loyalty, email subscription rates and growth in social followers. These goals show how we’re tracking against objectives and inform future editorial direction.



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