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Howorth is a specialist business and technology public relations consultancy. We provide business-to-business, business-to-consumer and corporate public relations services.

We’re also part of Ogilvy Public Relations Australia. Australia’s largest and most specialised public relations and public affairs consultancy.


Howorth is a specialist technology and B2B public relations consultancy.

We live and breathe all flavours of technology, from products in the home, drones in the air and infrastructure in a data centre – and everything else in between. In 2007, we started our B2B practice to expand our client portfolio to include non- technology brands.

Regardless of your business type, we focus on one thing – getting results that make a difference to your organisation. Whether it’s consumers, students or CEOs, we know how to share your story.

We’re a true partner for our clients. We listen, we challenge, but above all we deliver. Clients trust us and stay with us. Our longest serving client started with us in 1997 and we have many others where our relationship is between five and 12 years. We believe that’s testament to the work we deliver.

The awards we win are evidence of this work.

“Don’t bunt.
Aim out of the ballpark.
Aim for the company
of immortals.”

-David Ogilvy


In 2016…


Our Philosophy

Thinking that moves

Human history is built on stories.
Written, spoken, drawn on walls, broadcasted and today – uploaded. The brands that succeed tell their story in an interesting and engaging way. Our PR services are built on the foundations of good storytelling and encompass widespread disciplines and capabilities, regardless of the industry or market you operate. As such, great PR campaigns can take many forms. They can be deceptively simple, which flip our views about how the world works. Or they can be fiendishly difficult content ideas, which challenge us, but make us think and respond. Whatever they are, great campaigns provoke some kind of visceral reaction – physical as much as rational. They have the ability to lift and shift your thinking. They can make you feel, imagine or act.
We call this reaction “Thinking That Moves”.
It underpins everything we do.

Why Choose Us?


    • Unrivalled technology, B2B and consumer tech experience
    • Outstanding media relationships
    • Big agency resources, small agency connections
    • Marriage of strategic thinking with creativity
    • Integrated social & traditional media
    • Experts in Australia with access to a regional and global network
    • Experts in outcome based measurement Australia’s most awarded specialist agency