Mar 10, 2017

Looked who popped in… with Jan Arreza

Jan Arreza, Journalist, Business Environment Network


How did you get into journalism?

I was originally a graphic artist working in the print media sector for several years before making the jump to journalism. It was always something that I was interested in getting into but didn’t end up doing straight after school. Better late than never I guess.


Do you think you would ever be keen to go down the route of investigative journalism?

Definitely keen to go down the route of investigative journalism or some documentary work at some point in my career, though I have yet to have the opportunity to work in that space. Unfortunately, it’s a side of journalism that I feel isn’t done as much or as well anymore as less focus and funding is put into it in today’s media landscape.


What’s the best story or the story you have been most proud of?

I tend to find the stories on innovative and/or disruptive technologies and ideas the most interesting and have been lucky to come across quite a few in my short time writing for the sector.
One that comes to mind was a story I wrote on Pavegen, a London-based clean tech company, and the release of their paving technology that turns our footsteps into a new source of renewable energy to power our cities.


What does the future look like for a journalist given all the changes?

Quite uncertain by the current state of things – a lot of media companies are struggling financially and falling behind in their transition towards the digital landscape of today’s news media.


Have you ever made a stuff-up?

Not yet thankfully, but there is still plenty of time for me to do so.


Name three people (dead or alive) you would like to go to drinks with.

Quentin Tarantino, Dave Grohl and Stephen King


Where would we find you in your spare time?

Chilling out somewhere watching a movie, gaming or listening to some rock tunes.