Oct 19, 2016

Look Who Popped In… with Tasnuva Bindi

Tasnuva Bindi, ZDNet journalist

Last week, Howorth had the pleasure of hanging out with Tas Bindi, the new ZDNet journalist. Check out our chat below!

  1. How did you get into journalism?

    “I studied media and communications at the University of Sydney, with plans to become an investigative political journalist. But I ended up in business and technology journalism because of the internship opportunities that came up while I was studying and I just stayed in that path. I feel oddly comfortable here.”
  2. Do you think you’d ever be keen to go down the route of investigative journalism?

    “I had the opportunity to do some investigative work at Startup Daily. But these opportunities don’t come up that regularly in this area of journalism – at least, that’s been my experience. I do want to produce documentaries in the future that investigate various aspects of society.”
  3. What’s the best thing about working in journalism?“I love writing, so I’m happy that I get to write every day. I’ve always been very creative though. I love to paint and have been doing a bit of screenwriting in my spare time so I hope to sell my scripts one day. I think there’s a lot of respect for journalism as well so I love being able to be part of that.”
  4. What’s been your best story or the story you’ve been most proud of?“I’m uncomfortable with bragging but I’m proud of some of the long-form articles that I’ve written – some of them were really time-consuming and difficult to write! I think the most rewarding thing about those articles is the feedback that I’ve received from people emailing me directly and messaging me on social media to say thank you for writing that piece. I think when you know your writing has affected someone in some way, then it’s a huge accomplishment.”
  5. What does the future look like for a journalist given all the changes?“A lot of media companies have been struggling financially in the digital world. I don’t know what the future looks like for this industry, but I’m hoping through new innovations like augmented and virtual reality we can transform storytelling and journalism for the better – and from a financial perspective, move past survival mode and actually have a thriving media industry.”
  6. Have you ever made a stuff-up?“There have been a couple of times, while I was in the middle of an interview, that I completely forgot who I was interviewing!”
  7. Name three people (dead or alive) you would like to go to drinks with…

    “Prince, Hugh Laurie, and Joan Rivers.”
  8. Where would we find you in your spare time?“I am generally surrounded by 7 cats… Yes, I have 7 cats in my apartment and I’m currently looking to adopt cat #8 and #9. I rescued all of my cats from the streets. They were living in terrible conditions and I just took them home, one by one. I love all animals though, not just cats!”