Jun 20, 2016

Look who popped in…

Rachael Smith, Digital Content Manager at Pacific Magazines

  1. How did you get into your role?
    Starting out as a fairly awkward, yet eager to please 20 year old in regional radio promotions and marketing, I worked my way through various media roles (including one brief stint as Ronald McDonald’s manager…really!). I jumped at a chance to learn about digital media when the opportunity presented itself and I have never looked back!
  2.  What’s the best thing about working in media?
    It’s interesting and always changing. Maybe it sounds cliché, but there’s never a dull moment. I always feel like I’m being challenged and learning every day which is so important to me, and look I’m not going to lie, there are some damn good perks. I’ve travelled the world with my job, seen amazing live music, eaten excellent food and met wonderful people. But don’t be fooled…media is definitely not all fun and games, it’s hard work!
  3. What does the future look like for the media industry given all the changes?
    Digital innovators will continue to push the boundaries and the landscape of media will keep evolving, becoming a ‘viral sensation’, seeing celebrities born out of their bedrooms via YouTube, companies launching solely via social media, Beyonce dropping an album sans promo, every man and his dog has a blog and celebrities marketing themselves direct to their fans through mediums like Snapchat and Twitter – this is the norm now and media companies are no longer hold the monopoly in the market when it comes to information and entertainment. But as with all trends, the pendulum has swung from one extreme to the other. We have moved from traditional media towards these new mediums with ardour and I believe it will eventually settle into a nice balance where both can coexist harmoniously!
  4. Have you ever made a stuff-up on the job and what was it? Any other funny stories?
    So. Many. Times. I made a critical typo in my bosses name in a large email to a lot of important people. His name is Angus…I’ll let you connect the dots. Aside from that – mistakes all the time (I have a LOT of stories!) but it’s part of learning – don’t be afraid to make mistakes, fail fast and learn from it.
  5. Name three people you would like to have round for drinks
    Beyonce, Shane Smith (founder of Vice), Tina Fey
  6. Where would we find you in your spare time?
    At a great restaurant with friends…and wine. A lot of wine.
  7. If you weren’t working in media you’d be a….
    I’d probably be working at Kmart. Media is literally the only thing I’m good at!