Apr 11, 2016




Australian accents are hard to find in Howorth. Our team comes from all over the globe bringing assorted experience and backgrounds, resulting in diverse ideas. This is a good thing, except in one specific circumstance… giving blood.

A group of rare, Australia-born Howorthians set off nervously on the path to Chatswood Red Cross blood donation centre. We were greeted by nurses with pointed teeth who leered hungrily at our blue popping veins, a result of guzzling water all afternoon in preparation.

They weighed us, made us take off our heels to measure height and distributed forms on travel, fevers, injections and sex. Sam made a rude comment about Easter when Sarah was on the scales and was first on the comfy recliners, completing his donation in just seven minutes. I was next and we compared hemoglobin count and blood pressure to see who was best fared. Sarah settled in and the nurses took care not to let her white dress become a Halloween costume.

Everyone enjoyed milkshakes, cheese and bickies and cookies from a volunteer, Rosemary, who had spent the last 13 years volunteering two days of her time to Red Cross. Even though we apparently saved a bunch of lives, we all agreed Rosemary took out the prize for being the biggest bloody legend.


By Roxy Sinclair