Mar 7, 2016

Look who popped in…

We sat down with Aimee Chanthdavong and Asha Barbaschow, journalists, ZDNet to get the low down.

1.  How did you get into journalism?

Aimee: I studied journalism and then did internships at Yen magazine and Australian Traveler. From there I landed a job at Cirrus media writing for Food magazine, Packaging magazine, then Retail Biz, Appliance Retailer, TechTradar and I’ve been at ZDNet for two years now. I know Print is dying but I would go back, it was so fulfilling seeing my pieces in the magazine version and smelling the paper. If I wasn’t writing about tech I think I would be covering food.

Asha: I left uni after studying journalism and was a junior journalist for local newspapers out west. My parents have kept all the clippings from the pieces I had written. It was really hard to get into journalism as print was subsiding and jobs were scarce. I worked at a Disability Aid Scheme at NSW Department of Heath as a communications liaison. Afterwards I moved to Perth and worked as a document writer for a medical engineering firm. I got this job at ZDNet in May because I had technical knowledge from working in a tech environment as well as writing experience.

2.  What’s the best thing about working in journalism?

Aimee: Meeting new people

Asha: I get a kick out of writing and seeing my stories published

3.  What’s been your best story or the story you’ve been most proud of?

Asha: I wrote a story exposing the exploitation in the supply chain of tech companies in third world countries.

Aimee: Not sure of my best story but I would say my best interview would be with Michael Dell. I was at a Dell event at the Q&A session after the keynote and they had made some redundancies recently that didn’t stack up with his speech about how well they were doing. I asked about it and he didn’t really have his answer prepped. My profile series is also something I am quite proud of. It was something that I initiated as I thought it was interesting to know more about these high profile spokespeople and their backgrounds.

4.  What does the future look like for a journalists given all the changes?

Aimee: All online which is a bit sad but you have to move with the times. It’s kind of a mystery where people will go on the web and what they will end up reading so it provides more opportunity rather than just speaking to avid and loyal readers.

Asha: Journalism will remain the same even if it is all online. People want some credible sources to base their opinions on and going to reputable publications cuts out the research phase for the consumer. Journalism is safe as the need for third party objective opinion will always be there.

5.  If you were an animal what animal would you be?

Asha: ALL OF THEM, I LOVE ANIMALS!!! Except one that is getting slaughtered and eaten

Aimee: A unicorn

6.  Name three people you would like to have round for drinks

Aimee: Hugh Jackman, Nelson Mandella, Ellen

Asha: Jim Morrison, Quentin Tarantino, Joaquin Phoenix

7.  Where would we find you in your spare time?

Aimee: In the kitchen cooking. I like trying new things and I like cooking Italian and replicating mum’s cooking.

Asha: Craftanoon or playing with my two dogs, a pitpull and staffy x cattle dog

8.  If you weren’t a journalist you’d be a….

Aimee: Photographer

Asha: Graphic designer