Feb 5, 2016

Look who popped in…

Adam Zuchetti, Deputy Editor, My Business Magazine

How did you get into journalism?

I really fell into it. I had no idea what I wanted to when I finished school, so initially took up a general communications degree, and personal interest turned that specifically toward media. My university Honours thesis attracted a lot of media coverage once it was published, and at my first job interview, the hiring manager’s first question was “Was that you I read about in the paper yesterday?” I think I’ve been hooked on seeing my words in print ever since.

What’s the best thing about working in journalism?

I love that I am constantly learning. It might be about people, events, places, innovations, life stories, history…the list of subjects goes on, but as a journalist, I am constantly learning new things about our world and the people who inhabit it.

What’s been your best story?

This is a tough question to answer! I have a few favourites for different reasons. But my best stories have been ones that have not just resonated with readers, but have directly caused people to take an action. Years ago, when writing real estate news, I profiled a property for sale that was owned by a fascinating elderly woman, who was a former teacher. Once the story came out, a former student of hers discovered they had unknowingly been living down the road from each other for many years, and were able to reconnect. It’s a good feeling to have your work lead to positive outcomes in people’s lives.

What does the future look like for journalists given all the changes?

I think journalists now need to be a lot more targeted than ever before. Audiences are fragmenting into ever more refined niches and subscription content is becoming an increasingly popular option for media companies to derive revenue. Both of these points mean that journalists really need to deliver content that is highly tailored and relevant to their audiences, and make sure that content cuts through the barrage of general (and often inaccurate) information available online.

Have you ever made a stuff-up on the job and what was it? Any other funny stories?

Anyone who claims to have never made a mistake is a liar! I try to be really careful sending emails, as it’s all too easy for unintended people to come across what you write.

But speaking of sharing information, it’s amazing what people will tell you if you ask (or even if you don’t!). Once a colleague of mine got off the phone and couldn’t stop laughing – he eventually managed to tell us that the man he had tried to interview had said “can I call you back a bit later – I’m having a sh**”

Name three people you would like to have round for drinks

I’ve heard Dame Marie Bashir speak before and think she is amazing. I’d also love to meet tennis great Roger Federer and newsreader Chris Bath.

Where would we find you in your spare time?

Renovating my house or walking (or more aptly getting walked by) my two beautiful Labs.

If you weren’t a journalist you’d be a….

Probably a photographer.