The Cairo 3: Press freedom at risk

The Cairo 3: Press freedom at risk

Three weeks ago, myself and a colleague were in Doha with our client at Al Jazeera English , and we all had high expectations that the journalists Peter Greste, Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed w...Read More »
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Synthetic Wig Care

Oh My What Dress Will I Wear

Ladies wigs are now a rage among women who face partial or total hair loss. Women who belonged to the higher strata of society used ribbons, silk, fillet, and wimple that were studded with precious stones, feathers, pearls, and even used gold-colored wires to adorn their hair.

Louis Ferre wigs collections feature short hair wigs such Cheap Long Wigs as Carla, Coco, Daisy, medium length wig styles including Emerald, Gwen, and Linda and long hair Louis Ferre wigs with Jennifer, Janice, and Estee.

Different types of hats and caps have been used since ages to fulfill the needs of ever-changing fashion trends and religion as well as to symbolize social status, communal identity, professional rank (especially in the military and armed forces) and guard the head, the seat of the superior human intelligence, against forces of nature.

Besides these different http://www.alicewigs.com/extensions/100-remy-hair-extensions/remy-hair-bulk.html styles of hats, other headgear such as scarves, caps, bandanas, headbands, bonnets, hoods, helmets, wigs, turbans, crowns, tiaras, also form a significant part of fashion and traditional dressing in various countries, cultures and religions.

African-American women are susceptible to traction alopecia, which is gradual hair loss that occurs due to a persistent tension or pulling force on the roots or follicles due to styling hair in tight braids or cornrows.

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Why Do People Wear Human Hair Wigs Products?

Chicago African American Issues

First of all, the best thing about synthetic wigs would be that there isn't much to maintain about them. There are various ways for a woman to cover her hair and very often, non-Jewish people who don't know about this commandment will often not notice that Jewish ladies do it because they wear beautiful wigs or stylish hats.

These days it is fashionable for younger men to wear their hair down to their collar, though it is usually required to be straightened and molded with product into a suitably emo look, and when I say emo, I mean one of your eyes should be sort of covered and you should look as if you would be upset at life if you weren't too damn cool to give a damn.

Iwear them to work also i get asked where i get my bras from other female workers i tell them i get some at jcpenney and some at dillards some at walmart when they are open 24 hours a day get a sales person to fit you so you do not buy the wrong size i not shy http://www.alicewigs.com/extensions/100-remy-hair-extensions/clip-in-remy-hair-extensions.html anymore about asking for help on bras i get complements from other female workers on how nice they look on meso men do not be shy about wearing a bra in public or to workmy wife even helps me pick out everything also and loves me in womens cloths also.

No one wants to lose their hair, nor do most women like to talk about it. This challenge is especially physically and mentally upsetting for women who want to maintain a beautiful youthful appearance.

The drive for having luxurious and voluminous hair is something all women relate to. Society has made thick, beautiful hair a standard for feminine beauty which puts great pressure on women to Clip in Hairpieces Online Shop 2015 achieve this trait.

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Howorth Celebrates its 20th anniversary with a fresh new look

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Howorth has a fresh new look to reflect its vision to be famous “for campaigns that make people feel, imagine or act”,

“A strong differentiator for Howorth has been the importance we place on storytelling,” said Graham White, Managing Director. “Human history is built on stories, written, spoken, drawn on walls, broadcast and today – uploaded. The brands that succeed in this new world are the brands that can tell their story in an interesting and engaging way. Everything we do is based on good storytelling, regardless of the industry or market you operate in, or the channel or platform through which you tell them.

“The combination of our 20th anniversary, the shifting communications landscape, and our vision to show why and how great ideas and clever thinking pays off, it was time for the brand to have a fresh look. It was time to evolve.”

The key change is the introduction of a logo to sit alongside the Howorth brand name. This logo symbolises Howorth’s belief that great campaigns will provoke some kind of visceral reaction – physical as much as rational. They have the ability to lift and shift your thinking. They can make you feel, imagine or act. The three circles represent those three reactions. Howorth calls this Thinking That Moves. Thinking that can move you, your business, your brand, opinions, reputations, people, perceptions or even agendas. This belief underpins everything we do.

Graham adds: “We’re very proud of our new look. It’s clean, modern, maintains our Ogilvy heritage, and embodies our evolving position.”

Howorth logo

OMG – Howorth and Social@Ogilvy Take Top Honours

The Howorth and Social@Ogilvy teamHoworth and Social@Ogilvy are celebrating today after scooping a Gold SABRE in Product Media Relations at last night’s 2013 Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards in Shanghai. These awards celebrate the best PR campaigns in the region. It was also a good night for Ogilvy PR throughout the region, taking home six Gold trophies and the Platinum SABRE Award for the best PR program of 2013.

Howorth and Social@Ogilvy won the Gold SABRE for the “Making Australian Parents Say “OMG” About Office 365” campaign with Microsoft Australia. This campaign, to launch Office 365 Home Premium, combined public relations and social media to create conversation and excitement about the launch of Office 365 Home Premium. This included inviting parent influencers to crowd-source 365 ways – or #OMGTIPS – that Office 365 can help create more time for the family – from the kitchen to the classroom. generate positive conversation among Australian parents and excitement around all of the ways that Office can support the modern family, and begin a platform to build authentic relationships with online influencers.

The campaign rolled out in three phases, building interest and awareness among parent influencers over a two-month period culminating at the 2013 Digital Parents Conference – Australia’s largest annual gathering of parent bloggers and influencers. And, ultimately, we made Australian mums and dads so excited about Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other products in the Office 365 product suite that they said “OMG”!

Sabre Awards 2013

Ogilvy Public Relations Australia has left its mark in the upcoming  2013 Asia Pacific SABRE Awards, with 12 campaigns recognised. The finalists were selected from among a record haul of more than 1,000 entries from across the region, and the Gold winners will be announced at the annual SABRE Awards dinner in Shanghai on September 18.

Howorth had the strongest performance, with seven campaigns recognised, whilst Pulse Communications had three and Ogilvy PR Melbourne had two.

In the  Gold SABRES, Howorth and  Social@Ogilvy’s “Making Parents Say OMG About Office 365” for Microsoft Australia is shortlisted as a finalist in both the Australia and New Zealand Geographic Category and Product Media Relations. Howorth’s “The Block: If these Walls Could Talk” entry is also a finalist in the Product Media Relations category. In Technology (B2B), Howorth is a finalist with the “Microsoft: Innovation from Students to Start-ups” campaign.

Pulse has three campaigns shortlisted. “Being Silly for a Serious Cause: Carnival Cruise Lines Supports Red Nose Day” is a finalist in the Travel and Leisure category, whilst “FANTA Unbottle the Fun” is a finalist in the Social Media Campaign and “Get Smart at Ford HQ: A Dipped in Blue Immersion Event” brings up the trifecta in the Automotive Industry Sector.

Ogilvy PR Melbourne’s “BP Pink Pulp” is a finalist in the Retailers and Publicity Stunt.

Meanwhile, Howorth is already a winner in the  Silver SABRE Awards, winning Earned Media Broadcast Placement for its “The Block: If These Walls Could Talk” entry. Howorth also took out a Certificate of Excellence for “Rock Royalty: We Have A Commonwealth of Rock” in the same category. But it didn’t stop there, as Howorth also secured a Certificate of Excellence for Print Placement with its “Did My Ancestors Have a Tattoo?” entry.

Finally, Ogilvy PR Melbourne’s “BP Pink Pulp” also bagged a Certificate of Excellence for Publicity Stunt.

All in all, an outstanding effort from Ogilvy PR Australia.

Congratulations to all the teams and fingers crossed for the finalists in the Gold SABRES.

Ogilvy PR Australia boosts content capabilities with appointment of influential TV producer and journalist to Howorth

Ogilvy PR Australia has appointed TV journalist Helen Frost to join Howorth, business to business and technology specialist consultancy and part of Ogilvy PR Australia, as Content and Editorial Manager.

A journalist with 14 years’ experience, Frost worked at Channel Nine, Sky News and Haymarket Media. She has joined Howorth to focus on delivering new content capabilities for owned, earned and paid media.

“We’re delighted to welcome Helen to Howorth and Ogilvy PR, and excited to have someone with her editorial and content experience join the team,” said Graham White, Managing Director, Howorth.  “Helen’s longstanding career as a TV producer and reporter for some of Australia’s leading broadcast networks will bring first class editorial and content expertise to Howorth and the Ogilvy PR group, growing our capability in this rapidly expanding area.

“With the ongoing shift in the communications and media landscape and the opportunity for brands to communicate directly with consumers through a wide variety of online media, Helen will be an enviable resource for both our current and future clients,” White continued.

Frost will play a specific role on some of the agency’s core clients, contributing to media and content strategy as well as production. In addition to her role in Howorth, she will also work closely with others in the agency to broaden Ogilvy PR’s content offer, which is being led by Social@Ogilvy’s newly appointed Managing Director, Yianni Konstantopolous.

Frost is excited about joining the communications industry at such a progressive time. “It’s a time of significant change in the media and PR industry, and this is a terrific opportunity to help drive that change in a way that‘s going to extend Howorth’s boundaries to the benefit of its clients,” she said.

“Storytelling is always at the centre of my experience. My background in TV, print and online, will not only help my colleagues and our clients, but it will also pave the way for PR and social to charge ahead in content creation,” Frost continued.

“I believe there are only a few PR agencies currently capitalising on these opportunities to create engaging and relevant content through traditional media – and owned channels at the same time. Howorth is a progressive agency and I look forward to ensuring we seize the opportunities and remain at the forefront of the industry.”

Frost was most recently a producer across Nine's daily news bulletins, including The Today Show, and prior to that ran the Prime7 newsroom for Central Western NSW. As the senior reporter she covered issues important to regional Australia such as renewable energy, transport and most importantly innovations in health.

She also spent time as a senior producer and technology reporter for Sky Business News and as the managing editor of Haymarket Media's business division.

Helen Frost

Building international relations

Challenge: Australia Unlimited is a national brand developed by Austrade in response to global research that demonstrated Australia’s global reputation was based more on our physical attributes than our intellectual ones.

While Australia has a very strong international reputation, regularly ranking among the top countries in global studies, Australia Unlimited was tasked with promoting Australia’s credentials in business, technology, creative industries and science to overseas markets.

In an effort to draw attention to the depth and breadth of Australian talent around the world, Australia Unlimited was preparing to launch its Global 50 list comprising of expat Australians who are not household names, but who are doing work that deserves to be recognised.

Strategy: With a million Australians offshore at any one time and many more involved in international work, they are a ready-made corps of promotional ambassadors for the nation. Our people are the best evidence we have that Australia today is a creative, clever and globally engaged nation.

As part of this content driven campaign, Social@Ogilvy identified a list of 32 influential Australian expats living in the key markets of US, UK, Europe and Asia, so that Australia Unlimited could target them to build relationships with these key influencers while also sharing their international success stories and portray a contemporary Australia through its people.

In order to drive awareness of Australia Unlimited’s Global 50 list and mobile apps, and maintain conversation in the lead up to and throughout the Australia Day weekend, Social@Ogilvy developed a strategy encompassing content creation, influencer outreach, and conversation management, drawing new stakeholders to the Australia Unlimited brand.

Results: The integrated digital and social campaign was successful in driving traffic to Australia Unlimited’s website, with social media the top driver of referral traffic, and building key relationships with international influencers.

More than 2.174m Twitter accounts reached

80 retweets representing a 515% increase on the previous week and 100+ mentions over the campaign

8% increase in Twitter followers

70% of all traffic to the website referred from social media channels

184% increase in application subscribers

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