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Toshiba Moves PR Back to Howorth

We are proud to announce Howorth’s newest client, Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited. The team at Howorth will manage PR for Toshiba's notebook and AV businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

“We are looking forward to working with the Howorth team again and leveraging its consumer expertise in PR and social media,” said Ms Thomas, National Marketing Communications Manager, Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited.

Howorth previously worked for Toshiba for six years and teams-up with Toshiba again from 13 February 2013.

Contact details for the Howorth PR team will be communicated in due course.

OgilvyEarth rings opening bell at New York Stock Exchange to celebrate Carbon Disclosure Project report

OgilvyEarth Global President Kim Slicklein today joined Paula di Perna, the Strategic Advisor of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), to ring the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange.  CDP is a non-profit organisation that provides a global system for thousands of companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share environmental information. It does in part this by working with 655 institutional investors holding US$78 trillion in assets to encourage companies to improve environmental disclosure and performance.This is instrumental in global efforts to drive greenhouse gas emission reductions and promote sustainable water use.

The ringing of the bell marked the launch of CDP’s annual S&P 500 report looking at how the largest US companies are managing their financial risks from environmental issues. OgilvyEarth is CDP’s official Communications Partner and the two organisations work closely together to ensure that CDP’s important environmental messages resonate.

CDP is a great partner for OgilvyEarth here in Australia.  CDP’s Australian office is located at Ogilvy House in Sydney, and CDP shares OgilvyEarth’s commitment to professional excellence. In a 2012 survey of 850 sustainability professionals carried out by GlobeScan/SustainAbility, CDP was ranked as the most credible rating system in the world, beating the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4GOOD.

See the ringing of the NYSE bell here:


You can find out more about CDP on their website: https://www.cdproject.net/

The Ogilvy PR Experience

Rebecca Booth: Sitting down to write this blog is ironically one of the most daunting tasks I’ll carry out for Ogilvy PR, despite finishing my internship a week ago! How does one sum up all of the amazing experiences, invaluable guidance and insurmountable kindness, patience and friendship that was gifted to me by my colleagues at Howorth in just a few short paragraphs? Let’s see if I can do this justice.

Each day of my internship at Howorth was different, which meant I was always learning new skills, interacting with different people, and being presented new opportunities. I was so fortunate to be surrounded by such creative and experienced professionals on a daily basis.

For me, the aspect of my internship at Ogilvy PR of which has made a lasting impression on me, is the radiant culture. It is built on hard work, support, but also creativity and a lot of fun.

During my (all too short) month at Howorth I was given the reign to write press releases, by-lines, draft case studies, client profiles, create media lists, conduct volumes of research and attend brainstorms among many other activities. I even found myself writing personalised travel guides for people that were going on holidays to places I’d been!

I was fortunate enough to attend several learning seminars and presentations given by people from the wider Ogilvy PR group, which provided a fantastic overview of other ventures, achievements and creativity from across the board. I participated in brainstorms with Social@Ogilvy digital analysts, who were kind enough to put time aside out of their busy schedules to chat with me.

My advice for prospective Ogilvy PR interns (without giving away too many of my secrets):

  • Be proactive
  • Be memorable
  • Think outside the box

Thank you to all the brilliant professionals that I had the privilege of working alongside. It’s only been a week and I miss it terribly. This internship has given me the confidence to aspire to greatness and drives me to do my best every single day. I hope one day, to ooze the same professional zeal, playful creativity, and cupcake baking skills that I was lucky enough to sample on more than one occasion.

I hope this blog has done the Ogilvy PR experience justice; in reality, it’s all of this and more. Like anything in life, it is what you make of it. An internship at Ogilvy PR is no exception.

Work on some of Australia’s top technology brands with a lively and creative team

Utilise your existing experience and make your mark at a standard-setting agency with the brightest minds.

Leading technology agency – Howorth – is looking for an ambitious Account Manager or Senior Account Manager who can build a career working with some of the world’s best technology brands. You need to be passionate about enterprise technology and telecommunications, with at least 5+ years experience.

We’re looking for someone who loves a busy team environment and is passionate about creative ideas and achieving results that make a difference. You’ll need to be a 'grown up' and take responsibility for numerous projects and provide excellent client service using your industry knowledge and PR skills.

Here’s the expertise you have, that we’ll build on:

· Tight project management - including from formulation to evaluation.

· Strong communications/editing skills and the ability to teach and guide junior colleagues.

· Credible counsel and creativity that make your clients trust you.

· Good understanding of B2B social media experience

· Management skills that build the productivity of your team.

· Thorough insight and control of your clients’ budgets.

· Heavy hitting media skills and experienced understanding of key business & technology media.

You will also benefit from Ogilvy PR's impressive benefits. Interested? Please email your CV to jennifer.street@ogilvy.com.au

The Canon G-Case Project

What do Jodhi Meares, Jules Lund, Akira Isogara and Romance Was Born have in common? They all hung out with us at an exclusive launch for Canon’s new PowerShot G1X in Sydney.

Canon came to us with a challenge – drive the G1X beyond the tech and photography pages and push it into the consumer lifestyle space where the target market likes to read, watch, listen and tweet. Our mission was to make the PowerShot G1X relevant to their lifestyle.

How did we do it? We rounded up 20 of Australia’s most creative minds to take part in what we called The G-Case Project. We called on a range of influential Aussies, from artists to designers and media personalities. In exchange for their very own G1X, we asked them each to re-design a camera case inspired by the camera itself.

The Project resulted in an awesome array of creative camera cases - or what we called G-Cases. To showcase the G-Case Project we held a VIP media event at a hole-in-the-wall gallery in Sydney, where top-tier fashion, travel, retail and consumer lifestyle media and influential bloggers, met, mingled and talked all things Canon.

For Canon, The G-Case Project was unlike anything the brand had embarked on in Australia before. It propelled the G1X onto the agendas of consumer lifestyle media and bloggers, and got the brand talking about its products with key influencers in the Australian market.

Ready, set, go! Getty Images captures the action of London 2012

With the London 2012 Olympic Games in full swing it’s not just the athletes who are working hard to be at the top of their game – the Getty Images team of award-winning photographers are also in the thick of the action at the world’s greatest sporting event.

Photo credit: Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

This year, Getty Images is the official photographic agency to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), a designation they have held for 24 years, since the Calgary Winter Olympics of 1988. At London 2012, Getty Images has a team of more than 100 photographers, photo editors and support staff to capture the excitement of the Games from behind the scenes to the finish lines.

Throughout the Games, Getty Images photographers will capture the action from every possible angle at each of the Olympic sporting events as well as the opening and closing ceremonies and medal presentations.

An Olympic first

Although Getty Images has a long-standing history with the Olympics, London 2012 will be the first time that their photographers will use cutting edge 3D and robotic camera technology to capture the action.

A team of select photographers will shoot the games in 3D in addition to using custom designed robotics rigs to capture the agony and the ecstasy of the competition.

To showcase Getty Images industry leading innovations the team at Howorth devised a communications program which focused on the technology and talent behind the camera lens.

Featuring TV and print profiles of top Getty Images talent including VP of Editorial Photography Stuart Hannagan and Australian photographers Mark Kolbe and Chris McGrath, the program also targeted leading technology websites.

The results

Coverage was secured on Channel 9’s Wide World of Sports Road to London program, with a segment featuring Stuart discussing iconic Olympic images syndicated to 37 stations across Australia.

An in-depth interview with Mark and Chris in CNET Australia examined the different ways in which Getty Images is “pioneering new ways of thinking about sports photography.” CNET is one of the country’s most popular technology websites, visited by 1.8 million Australians each month.

Computerworld Australia featured an interview with Getty Images Senior Director of Editorial Photography, Ken Mainardis and Gizmodo, Australian Creative, Campaign Brief and Photo Review produced articles on the technology being used by Getty Images during the London 2012 opening ceremony.

Mark was also interviewed by the Inverell Times and The Northern Daily Leader newspapers about the 3D technology, and Chris was featured in the Sunshine Coast Daily, discussing the robotics rigs he will be operating during London 2012.

Case study: Kronos Healthcare Study

The Challenge: Kronos is a global company specialising in workforce management. As part of the ongoing public relationship campaign, Howorth was engaged by Kronos to identify a newsworthy issue outside their typical scope on which Kronos could offer a fresh perspective, which would in turn generate positive media coverage and support the overall sales drive.

The Approach: Howorth recently worked with Kronos on a case study with the Macquarie University Hospital. The study generated much media interest and as such, signalled a definite area of opportunity for the team to further explore.

Focusing on the Healthcare sector, Howorth set about creating a research campaign that would help to support future conversations for Kronos with media as well as potential customers. Supported by good customer examples, this would present a very compelling reason for media and influencers alike to listen to what Kronos had to say.

Howorth’s initial research revealed that despite healthcare being a vital part of the economy -and important to every Australian, there were significant pain points regarding the welfare of nurses and the fact that the industry had not benefited from the technology revolution that is fundamentally changing whole industries.

Howorth engaged and interviewed over 200 healthcare professionals from across the country as part of the “Nursing Pulse Check” survey regarding their concerns and pain-points about the industry. The survey examined the working conditions of Australian nurses, the attitudes they have toward their jobs, as well as opinions on technology and the future of the industry.

The research revealed that half of Australian nurses planned to leave the profession within next ten years.  With work-related stress being such a large factor, as well as nurses indicating that they extend themselves to their limits to manage their workloads, the results strongly indicated the need for healthcare management and employees to collaboratively review current workforce management methods.

The Results:  As a part of the media strategy to support the launch of the survey, Howorth proactively pitched to over 50 media targets across both print and broadcast publications by drawing upon three main angles:

  • General news angle: critical shortage of nurses in the Australian healthcare industry;
  • Technology angle: the ability of the healthcare industry to adopt technology such as the roll out of the recent e-health initiative;
  • Health angle: dissatisfaction of nurses suffering from stress and burn-out.

Howorth secured and facilitated eight media pre-briefings, as well as six on-the-day radio interviews for Peter Harte, VP APAC for Kronos.. These briefings resulted in a total of 119 pieces of coverage. This includes ninety-five pieces of coverage across broad spectrum of news, health and technology publications, including The Daily Telegraph, Canberra Times, The Age, News.com.au and Courier Mail. A further twenty two pieces of broadcast coverage were secured in the form of live radio Q&A, news grabs and pre-recordings. In addition, the survey findings featured on two top tier free-to-air and pay television news broadcasts.

The challenge: Design and implement a national environmental media campaign in 72 hours

When a group of 300 companies operating across the Australian economy, including Westpac, GE, and IKEA, wanted to communicate their support for carbon pricing they contacted OgilvyEarth.  We had 72 hours to come up with a media strategy that would give profile to the group, Businesses for a Clean Economy. The timing of the public relations campaign – on the eve of historic climate change legislation being introduced – meant there was strong competition for media space, but great opportunities if the right strategy was employed.

Drawing on experts across Ogilvy Public Relations’ network, we created tailored content and took a strategic approach to media engagement, including holding a press conference that was streamed live on ABC News 24 and Sky News. We also set up a media tracking team, including social media experts, who monitored and responded to developments as the day unfolded.

The result was over 210 pieces of overwhelmingly positive press coverage, including:

•             Front page coverage of the group’s position (SMH and AFR)

•             Coverage on all major national television news programs

•             Reference to the group by the Prime Minister

•             70 radio clips

•             115 articles online

•             Retweets that reached over 200,000 followers

Best of all, as a result of the coverage, a further 88 companies joined the group (a 29% increase in membership) adding their support for positive action on climate change.

A Businesses for a Clean Economy spokesperson engages with the media following the press conference

Ogilvy PR Launches OgilvyEngage, In Australia

Ogilvy Public Relations has launched the agency’s corporate social marketing practice, OgilvyEngage, in Australia.

OgilvyEngage develops strategies and communication campaigns that enable companies to motivate and assist consumers and other stakeholders to adopt socially-beneficial behaviours that are good for individuals, good for society, and good for business.

Tom Beall, Managing Director of OgilvyEngage, joined the Australian team this week to introduce the new practice at a breakfast panel event, Ogilvy On… win, win and winning. Moderated by ABC’s Tony Jones, Tom was joined on the panel by Carey Badcoe, Chief Executive of Australian Business and Community Network; Greg Bourne, Acting Chair of Australian Renewables Energy Agency; Wayne Burns, Director of The Allen Consulting Group; Tim O’Leary, Chief Sustainability Officer at Telstra; and Michael Traill, Chief Executive of Social Ventures Australia.

Tom said that while some think that influencing public behaviour movements to support socially desirable outcomes is the distinct purview of governments or nonprofits, changes to the economy and to society are mandating new approaches. “Adding behaviour change leadership from the private sector to that of government and public interest organisations will create a multi-faceted approach with exponential benefits”, he said.

OgilvyEngage will be led in Australia by Lelde McCoy, Managing Director of Ogilvy Public Relations Melbourne. Lelde has more than 25 years’ experience in strategic planning for integrated brand and reputation communications and behaviour change campaigns. Her teams have worked on some of Australia’s most important social issues including road safety, obesity, smoking control, cancer prevention, responsible alcohol consumption and sustainability and looks forward to extending her portfolio in the area of corporate social marketing.

Lelde said: “OgilvyEngage will help companies assess behaviour change opportunities, better understand the motivations of their consumer audiences, and design results-oriented messages, strategies and programs. And this can increase the impact of their CSR commitments. For example, changing the components of personal behavior, such as attitudes, motivations, or abilities, can prompt people to take medications regularly, encourage the routine purchase of healthier food products, motivate home safety preparedness, increase financial responsibility, and more.”

In conjunction with the global launch of OgilvyEngage in May, the agency has released the latest in its thought-provoking Red Papers series™. From Cause to Change: The business of behaviour discusses how companies can reap meaningful and measureable business performance and return on investment from socially-beneficial behaviour change programs.

Ogilvid Film Festival

Drawing on Ogilvy Public Relations’ mantra of What If?, last night we launched our inaugral Ogilvid Short Film Festival.

What If? is an attitude we adopt at Ogilvy PR that challenges the status quo and drives our culture forward. Through askingWhat If? we improve the quality of our thinking and creativity, and strive to constantly push boundaries and discover new ways to communicate. We believe that if we keep asking What If?, at some point we will be rewarded with the response Why Not?

The objective of Ogilvid is to realise the importance of content in our every day lives as communicators. The brief was to create a short film around a compelling and engaging idea. Teams focused on bringing theirWhat If? idea to life through great storytelling rather than big budgets and hi-tech equipment.

After months of hard work, our 13 teams showcased their final works to an expert panel of judges at the Ogilvid Gala last night, and without further ado, please congratulate the winners…

First place - RSVPA “Find Your Inner Animal”

Second place - Moonshine “My Social Life”

Third place - Heavenly Pictures “Limbo”

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